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Keeping Your Website Looking New

Your website is a vital marketing tool for your business, and keeping it's content up-to-date is important. But perhaps your "Easy to use" Content Management System (CMS) is not as easy to use as you expected. What you need is a reliable helper to make sure that your website's content is current and well formatted.

We are your Content Concierge service: CMS experts who keep your website looking good and up-to-date.

If you're experiencing any of the following problems, Content Concierge can help:


A few of the many CMS platforms we support

When you have worked with as many CMS systems as we have, learning a new system is not an issue. Our founder is a CMS guru who has built proprietary CMS systems, and written custom plugins for WordPress, Drupal and Craft. We are CMS experts with a can-do attitude.


Content Concierge provides the following services on a hourly or retainer basis.

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Note January 1st, 2018: We at Critical Mash have made a New Years resolution to provide our content management expertise not just to client's who we've built websites for, but to those who didn't have the fortune to have known us when they built their existing site.

If our current website appears horrendous to you, it's because we're just so eager to serve you that we rushed this out as fast as we could. Watch this space.